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Features and Lifestyle of the Lynx Cat
Lynx; It is a carnivorous mammal that lives in the Northern Hemisphere of the World and is in the family of felines. Lynx has a reddish-brown back, a white and slightly black spotted abdomen, and sharp teeth. During mating periods, they usually go outside the areas they dominate and mate in late January or early March. The pregnancy of females is about 70 days, and they give birth to 2 or 3 offspring. Lynx cubs never leave their mother's side until their next mating. The male lynx grows at the age of 33 months, the female lynx grows at the age of 21 months.
What are the Features of Lynx Cat? They look like cats but are much, much larger than them, they are in the class of Carnivorous animals, the Vulgar lynx is the largest species of lynx, and their weight varies from about 30 to 45 kg. Except for this type of lynx; It is found in species such as the doru lynx, the Canadian lynx and the Iberian lynx, its ears are longer than cats, and its upper parts have a feathered structure, the colors of the lynx can vary from light brown to dark brown, their tails are not as long as the other. Felines have small heads according to their bodies, their bodies are covered with feathers all over their bodies in winter, and thanks to these feathers they are protected from the cold in winter, it is a very fast and very series animal. The fact that the paws and feet have a large structure and therefore can easily walk in snowy weather, zoologists who have done research and experiments on the lynx have revealed that these animals have a domesticable structure, although they are the most preferred habitats, they were able to swim well in the water. lynx are in pine forests and rugged hard terrain, they can live in almost all terrain environments, they are animals that can live in very high places. Their climbing abilities are very good and they can easily move through mountainous terrain, Lynx is found in the group of endangered animals. Hunting is prohibited in some countries. Despite this, it is known today that lynx are still hunted. It is a very rare species of animal in our country.
Some of the Most Physical Features of the Lynx Cat The largest of the lynx, which can be about 5 times heavier than cats, is the coarse lynx. These animals can weigh 45 kg. Lynx species living in Africa are the most dangerous and fastest animals in Africa by body. They can easily throw an anthropoid around his neck and pull him to the ground. Compared to its body, it looks like an eerie animal at first glance with its small head and short tail, but it is certainly an impressive animal. Part of the natural world, these animals are threatened by humans. Even in Norway, where about 600 lynx live, 117 lynxes were destroyed by predators in 2 months. The World Conservation Association said lynx are among 120 endangered mammal species.
The Way of Life of most Lynx Cats
There are differences in the appearance of Lynx species. They usually live in pine forests and rugged terrain, but they can also easily live in other open woodlands and in all geographical places. There are also lynx that can live at an altitude of 3000 meters from the sea. Not only are they good climbers, they are also good swimmers. Because they are a strong and very fast predator, they hunt animals such as rodents, snow rabbits, blackbirds, ducks, fish and sometimes deer. As with other wild cats, it does not make you feel that it is approaching its prey and perfectly looks after it. Lynx usually hunt alone, but in some cases they can act together. It has been observed that they act together, especially when hunting rabbits, and prefer daylight hours as hunting time. It's a quote.